Newcastle Quayside

The Quayside



Sorry to have missed your call. Was out, by the river

eyeing lit dents in the Tyne


before my coastline train staggers home. Evening now

& everything falls: light falls onto Sage Gateshead,


its shadow falls into water, water reflects the boxy skyline

where centuries ago everything burned.


When I’m here I count the Baltic’s windows &

orange lifesavers, count the noisy kittiwakes


the number of people who’d say how ridiculous

for wanting to sleep up high in the arc of the bridge.



Theresa Muñoz has published one book of poems Settle (Vagabond Voices, 2016) which shortlisted for the Melita Hume Poetry Prize. Her poetry has been awarded a British Columbia Arts Council Award, the Norman Rothstein Award for Poetry and a Crichton Foundation Award. Her poetry has been broadcast on BBC Scotland and has been published widely in Canada and the United Kingdom, including in Canadian Literature, Poetry Review and Best Scottish Poems. She is currently Research Associate at the Newcastle Centre for Literary Arts.